Lt. Governor Duncan Announces Appointments to Six Study Committees

 ATLANTA (May 27, 2022) | Today, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan announced the members of six Senate Study Committees: Senate Food Delivery App Study Committee (SR 428), Joint Georgia Music Heritage Study Committee (SR 477), Senate Study Committee to Review Education Funding Mechanisms (SR 650), Senate Study Committee on Unsheltered Homelessness (SR 659), Senate Study Committee on the Creation of a Georgia Cybersecurity Force (SR 741), and Senate Study Committee on Transparency in High School Athletic Associations (SR 802).

Lt. Governor Duncan Announces Senate Members of Joint Study Committee

ATLANTA (May 26, 2022) | Today, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan announced the appointment of Senate members to the Joint Study Committee on the Electrification of Transportation. The study committee was established pursuant to SR 463, which the Senate adopted during the 2022 legislative session.

Lt. Governor Duncan Meets with European Union Leaders, Emphasizes Importance of Georgia-EU Partnership

ATLANTA (May 16, 2022) | Representing Georgia, today Lt. Governor Duncan hosted the Deputy Ambassadors and Chiefs of Mission for countries of the European Union (EU) at the State Capitol for an official visit, further emphasizing Georgia’s influence as a global economic leader.

Lt. Governor Duncan's Legislative Priorities Signed By Governor Kemp

ATLANTA (May 9, 2022) | Today Governor Brian P. Kemp signed Lt. Governor Duncan’s top legislative priorities for the 2022 Legislative Session into law, furthering the Lt. Governor’s commitment to enhance local public safety initiatives, promote mental health collaboration with law enforcement and increase resources for aged-out foster youth.

Lawmakers and key supporters gathered at the State Capitol to celebrate the bipartisan “LESS” Crime Act, “Georgia Behavioral Health and Peace Officer Co-Responder Act” and the “Fostering Success Act” receiving final approval. Lt. Governor Duncan praised Governor Kemp for signing these important measures into law and working to strengthen communities in each corner of the state.

“Criminal Record Responsibility Act” Clears General Assembly

ATLANTA (April 4, 2022) | Today, the General Assembly gave final passage to Lt. Governor Duncan’s “Criminal Record Responsibility Act,” reaffirming Georgia's commitment to enhancing public safety by modernizing the current criminal data reporting system. Carried as Senate Bill (SB) 441, the measure addresses alarming gaps currently complicating the state’s judicial system with inaccurate and incomplete criminal records.

ICYMI: Lt. Governor Duncan and General Assembly Leaders Advance Key Public Safety, Foster Care and Mental Health Priorities

ATLANTA (April 1, 2022) | This week, the General Assembly sent significant policy proposals to Governor Kemp for final approval, including major reforms to mental health care, and legislation focused on public safety and foster care. The Senate will convene on Monday, April 4, for the final day of the legislative session.

Lt. Governor Duncan’s “LESS Crime Act” Passes House

ATLANTA (March 30, 2022) | Today, Lt. Governor Duncan's "LESS" (Law Enforcement Strategic Support) Crime Act passed the Georgia House of Representatives, paving the way for additional funding for local law enforcement agencies once signed by Governor Kemp. Endorsed by city, state and law enforcement leaders, the “LESS Crime Act” establishes a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for Georgia taxpayers to directly contribute to public safety initiatives within their communities.

Statewide Model for Mental Health Emergency Co-Responder Program Passes Georgia House

ATLANTA (March 30, 2022) | Today, the Georgia House backed Senate Bill (SB) 403, championed by Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan as a modern approach to public safety through the creation of a statewide co-responder program. Also known as the “Georgia Behavioral Health and Peace Officer Co-Responder Act,” SB 403 promotes law enforcement partnerships with mental health professionals by setting up the framework for co-response teams in Georgia.

Lt. Governor Duncan’s “Fostering Success Act” Headed to Governor Kemp’s Desk

ATLANTA (March 30, 2022) | Today Lt. Governor Duncan’s “Fostering Success Act” reached full passage with unanimous Senate approval. Previously Senate Bill (SB) 370 and passed as House Bill (HB) 424, the “Fostering Success Act” serves as one of Lt. Governor Duncan’s top legislative priorities and seeks to increase resources for aged-out foster youth through a dollar-for-dollar state income tax credit.

Marsy’s Law for Georgia Recognizes Lt. Governor Duncan’s Leadership on Expanding Victims’ Rights

ATLANTA (March 28, 2022) | Marsy’s Law for Georgia recently gathered at the Georgia Capitol to award Lt. Governor Duncan with their organization’s “Champion Award Challenge Coin” in recognition of the Lt. Governor’s work on advancing protections for crime victims in Georgia through Senate Bill (SB) 441.