Lieutenant Governor of Georgia

Agency Statement

Burt Jones headshot

Burt Jones is a successful businessman, community leader, former State Senator and the 13th Lieutenant Governor of the state of Georgia.

About Burt


Lieutenant Governor Jones will focus on lowering our state income tax to put more money back into the pockets of hardworking Georgians, creating a world-class education system in our state by empowering parents and teachers, making our communities safer by standing with our law enforcement and cracking down on violent crime.


Office of the Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor is always happy to provide assistance and guidance in working with state agencies on unresolved issues. Please use the contact information below to reach out to the office.



Senate Page Program

The Senate Page Program offers students age 12 and older a first-hand opportunity to visit the Capitol to observe and participate in the legislative process. Senate pages serve the Senators by delivering important information and messages to them in the Senate Chamber during the legislative session day.

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