ATLANTA | Today, Lt. Governor Burt Jones issued a statement on Senate passage of the Senate Substitute to House Bill 1104.

“This bill promotes fairness and safety in women’s sports,” said Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones. “As the father of a daughter who plays sports, I will never stop fighting to preserve the integrity of women’s sports so that the next generation of Georgia’s female athletes can compete on a safe and level playing field.”

House Bill 1104 - Would protect the rights of women and girls by prohibiting public schools and private schools that participate in sports with public schools from allowing biological males to compete in sports designated for females. Additionally, the bill would prohibit schools from allowing individuals to use multiple-occupancy restrooms and changing areas that are different from their biological sex, no matter what gender identity they claim.

For more information on House Bill 1104, please click here.


Policy and Communications Director Ines Owens


Press Secretary Jantz Womack