ATLANTA | Today, Lt. Governor Burt Jones and Senator Jason Anavitarte (R - Dallas) announced the introduction of Senate Bill 351 in an effort to address social media and its impact on children’s mental health.

“Since we announced this initiative in August, Senator Anavitarte and I have worked with industry and education leaders, online safety advocates, and legal experts to craft this legislation, and we will continue working with them as this process moves forward,” said Lt. Governor Burt Jones. “We believe SB 351 is an important step forward in protecting Georgia’s children and giving them the tools they need to be safe in their use of social media and other technologies.”

“As two dads, we believe we must keep our kids safe through the ever growing threat of social media on minors,” said Senator Jason Anavitarte. “The threats are not just locally in our communities, but in the global stage as we have seen more recently.  No kid should have to worry and stress about bullying and online threats. We will continue to promote efforts to have strong families against the poison eroding America.”

For the full text of SB 351, please visit here:


Policy and Communications Director Ines Owens


Press Secretary Jantz Womack