FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, August 4, 2023

ATLANTA |Today, Lt. Governor Burt Jones and the Senate Committee on Assignments (COA) announced appointments to the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission (PAQC). Senate Bill 92 established the eight-member PAQC and gives members the authority to investigate alleged misconduct by district attorneys and solicitors-general.

“Prosecutors across Georgia should always prioritize protecting Georgia families by prosecuting criminals properly, instead of focusing on their own special interests,” said Lt. Governor Burt Jones. “I am grateful to the appointees for their willingness to serve and hold those who aren’t doing their job or the right thing accountable.”

District Attorney Stacey Jackson will serve as the Hearing Panel Chair on the PAQC. DA Jackson currently serves as the District Attorney for the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit which includes Chattahoochee, Harris, Marion, Muscogee, Talbot and Taylor Counties.

“I want to thank Lt. Governor Burt Jones and members of the Senate Committee on Assignments for appointing me to serve on the PAQC as Chair of the Hearing Panel,” said District Attorney Jackson. “I am going to approach this appointment just like my work in the DA’s office, I’m going to work hard and do it justice. We will handle cases appropriately and efficiently, and make this Commission something we can all be proud of.”

Lt. Governor Burt Jones and COA appointed Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Jason Saliba and District Attorney Randy McGinley to the PAQC Investigative Panel. ADA Saliba serves in Cobb County and DA McGinley serves in the Alcovy Judicial Circuit.

“I want to thank Lt. Governor Burt Jones and the members of COA for their thorough vetting process in putting forward these appointments,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Kennedy. “It is clear to me that the appointees will serve the people of Georgia and this newly formed Commission well. I look forward to working with these appointees and the entire Commission to ensure that Georgians have confidence in the ability of prosecutors to uphold the law around the state.”

For additional information on the PAQC or Senate Bill 92, please use this link:


Policy and Communications Director Ines Owens