FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, March 13, 2023

ATLANTA |Today, Lt. Governor Burt Jones and Senate President Pro Tempore John F. Kennedy (R – Macon) announced a new Senate program to assist with the monitoring and tracking of constituent requests sent to all 56 Senate members.

“Providing constituent services is a critical part of what elected officials work on under the Gold Dome,” said Lt. Governor Burt Jones. “A well-organized constituent services program will ensure that taxpayers across this state have access to all available resources within our state agencies. I am proud that my office, in its continued partnership with the Senate, took the lead to guarantee all constituent requests are addressed in an efficient and timely manner. The Senate’s administrative staff does a wonderful job of providing assistance to all Georgians, and this system will give them an additional, helpful resource.”

“The introduction of a Senate constituent service management platform gives Senators the tools they need to advocate for their constituents,” said President Pro Tempore Kennedy. “Likewise, our partnership with Fireside will ensure that constituent inquiries will be organized and handled efficiently. The introduction of a CRM platform is something that the Senate has wanted and needed for many years. I look forward to seeing how this tool will revolutionize Senate staffing and assist constituents for years to come.”

The Senate will be partnering with Fireside, part of FiscalNote, to provide a constituent relationship management system to all 56 members. Fireside is “the premier all-in-one constituent relationship management (CRM) platform built for government. Our automated mailroom, relational database, mobile-ready newsletters, and casework hub work together so all the tools you need are accessible in one comprehensive platform.”

To submit a constituent request to Lt. Governor Burt Jones’ Office, please use the two links below:


Policy and Communications Director Ines Owens