FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, March 7, 2023

ATLANTA |Yesterday, the Georgia General Assembly completed Crossover Day, Legislative Day 28. This is the deadline for a Senate Bill to pass to be eligible for consideration by the House. Lt. Governor Burt Jones’ priorities for the 2023 Legislative Session successfully made the deadline and are now being considered by the House.

“I am extremely grateful for the bipartisan and overwhelming support my legislative priorities received in the Senate,” said Lt. Governor Burt Jones. “I commend the bill sponsors on their efficient work to get these bills thoroughly vetted in committee and passed on the Senate floor. These priorities focus on creating a stable workforce, increasing public safety, putting children and families first, and supporting businesses and tax cuts. All of these priorities are kitchen table issues our citizens let us know are most important to them. I look forward to working with the bill sponsors and the House to ensure these bills receive final passage and become Georgia law.”

Create a Stable Workforce

Increase Public Safety

Put Children and Families First

Support Businesses and Tax Cuts

For additional details and information on specific legislation addressing the 2023 legislative priorities, please follow this link:


Policy and Communications Director Ines Owens