Please review this page for the latest updates on Lt. Governor Jones’ priorities for the 2023 Legislative Session. This page will be updated as legislation is introduced and moves through the process.

For an update and overview of the 2023 Legislative Priorities that passed the Senate and House, please click here.

GA Chamber Eggs and Issues Event video highlighting Lt. Governor Jones' priorities for the 2023 Legislative Session.

Create a Stable Workforce

  • Cut burdensome regulations so that Georgia’s businesses can grow and hire willing and able employees
  • Legislation: Senate Bill 3 “Reducing Barriers to State Employment Act of 2023”
  • Legislation: Senate Bill 86 - Increases access to HOPE Career Grant
  • Legislation: Senate Bill 157 - Addresses Workforce Licensure Applications

Increase Public Safety

  • Limit the pretrial release of any suspected gang members and impose tougher jail time to ensure these criminals are not allowed back onto the streets
  • Support increased funding and higher salaries for public safety personnel
  • Tighten Georgia’s gang law to require mandatory minimums and consecutive sentencing for any gang related activity:
  • Legislation: Senate Bill 44 “The Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act”
  • Legislation: Senate Bill 63 - Bail Reform 
  • Legislation: Senate Bill 68 - Dogfighting/RICO

Put Children and Families First

  • Give a bigger platform to critically important issues and develop policies that benefit children and families across our state
  • Creation of the Senate Children and Families Committee
  • Support increased funding for students, teachers, and other critical educational improvements
  • Support increased funding for additional counselors throughout the state of Georgia
  • Make Georgia the most affordable place to adopt

Support Businesses and Tax Cuts