Please review this page for the latest updates on Lt. Governor Jones’ priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session. This page will be updated as legislation is introduced and moves through the process.

Create a Stable Workforce

  • Cut burdensome regulations so that Georgia’s businesses can grow and hire willing and able employees
  • Legislation: Senate Bill 157 - Addresses Workforce Licensure Applications

Red Tape Rollback

  • Improve the process for obtaining professional and occupational licenses while giving licensing boards more flexibility.
  • Strengthen the power of the General Assembly to oversee and review proposed state agency regulations.
  • Empower members of the General Assembly to request economic analyses of proposed legislation and agency regulations that would impact small business, similar to the current fiscal note process.
  • Amend the Administrative Procedure Act to expand the definition of “small business” from 100 employees to 300 employees.
  • Reduce the size and scope of state government by eliminating defunct or duplicative boards and commissions.

Increase School Safety

  • Build on the reforms the General Assembly has made in recent years around safety training for teachers, school safety plans, and the ability of local school systems to determine for themselves whether school personnel, who opt-in, should be permitted to carry firearms as a safety measure on campus.

Address Social Media and Cyberbullying

  • Require social media companies to take concrete steps to verify the age of their users.
  • Update existing rules requiring schools to monitor bullying and to educate students and teachers on this issue to reflect the realities of modern technology.
  • Additionally, social media companies would be required to remove features they know or find to be addictive to children.