Georgia Charter School Systems


The Charter System Foundation, Inc. was founded on the belief that meaningful change in education can occur only if principals, teachers, parents, and community partners are empowered with the authority and flexibility to make decisions at the school house level to best meet the individual needs of each student.

Georgia’s Charter Systems include a cross section of systems from the smallest and poorest rural system to a large metro system. They seek flexibility under state mandates and in turn commit to meet higher performance goals. They believe that the current “top down” model that imposes mandates and inflexibility from above must be replaced with a “bottom up” culture of flexibility, empowerment, and accountability at the school house level.

  • Lt. Governor Cagle's Charter Systems Act gives individual school districts the option of stepping out from state and federal mandates to adopt an educational policy and curriculum that is right for the needs of their students. 

  • Teachers, parents, and local school boards work with a local governing board and a strict set of accountability standards from the State Board of Education to ensure a high level of performance from their students and develop a system that will best meet the needs of their children and communities.

Today, Georgia has 14 Charter School Systems, they include:

Barrow County Schools

Calhoun County Schools

Cartersville City Schools

Dawson County Schools

City Schools of Decatur

Dublin City Schools

Floyd County Schools

Gainesville City Schools

Gordon County Schools

Marietta City Schools

Morgan County Schools

Putnam County Schools

Warren County Schools

White County Schools


Visit the Georgia Department of Education website for complete information on Georgia's Charter School Program