Technology Capital of the East Coast

Georgia is the Silicon Valley of the South. As Lt. Governor, Geoff is laser focused on advancing Georgia so that it becomes the technology capital of the East Coast.

Georgia houses every element necessary for tremendous growth in the technology sector. The University System boasts leading institutions – with world-class design, programming, and technology programs – that provide businesses with the highly skilled employees they desperately need. Georgia’s quality of living and cost of living are both superior to other “tech hubs” including Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston. Incubators and investment hubs continue to grow throughout the metro Atlanta region. And, our venture capital presence is beginning to grow at an accelerated rate.

As Lt. Governor, Geoff is going to focus specifically on increasing Georgia’s venture capital presence so that no tech startup has to leave Georgia to find the capital it needs. Investing in programs that will help boost Georgia’s venture capital presence will have strong returns on investment and allow our state to become a leading hub for high-paying technology jobs.