Student Spotlight

Mark Moran, Floyd County College and Career Academy
January 2018

“My name is Mark Moran, and I am a senior at Model High School, an online student of Shorter University, and a grateful attendee of Floyd County College and Career Academy (FCSCCA). I live everyday with the goal of improving upon the person I was yesterday, and my College and Career academy has helped me determine my goals for the future. Upon joining the Robotics & Engineering program at the FCSCCA, I found a passion for every discipline of engineering the program taught me about."

Doster Harper, Newton College and Career Academy
February 2018
“My name is Doster Harper, and I am a senior at Eastside High School and the Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA). I currently serve as the NCCA Chapter President of Future Farmers of America and I am a varsity athlete on both the Cross Country and Track Teams at Eastside High School. Beekeeping is a unique hobby of mine, which I practice at my Career Academy with the bee hives located on our campus.”