Health Care

After his career as a pitcher in the Florida Marlins’ organization, Lt. Governor Duncan started multiple small businesses and most recently served as CEO of a health technology startup. Geoff looks forward to utilizing his industry know-how and business-minded approach to continue delivering on health care solutions for Georgia.

As a Representative, Geoff led the Georgia General Assembly to adopt the Rural Hospital Tax Credit which is a win-win tax credit program that has yielded tens of millions in additional funding to save rural hospitals from closure. Currently, that tax credit program is capped at $60 million/year. As Lt. Governor, one of Geoff’s highest priorities is raising this successful program’s cap to $100 million/year.

As innovation continues to drive the economy, Geoff will work to ensure that Georgia is utilizing innovation and technology to enhance our health care system. Telehealth has the capability of providing health care access to Georgians in rural areas, decreasing long waits in high-capacity health facilities, and driving down costs throughout the entire system.

Geoff will also seek to lead on price transparency so that customers are well aware of the costs of procedures or medicines before medical bills hit their mailbox.