ATLANTA (May 16, 2022) | Representing Georgia, today Lt. Governor Duncan hosted the Deputy Ambassadors and Chiefs of Mission for countries of the European Union (EU) at the State Capitol for an official visit, further emphasizing Georgia’s influence as a global economic leader.

As each country’s second-in-command of embassy operations, the officials play a crucial role in international conversations by voicing their government’s perspective and priorities.

With Georgia serving as the eighth largest United States trading partner with the EU, Lt. Governor Duncan reiterated the importance of continued collaboration with European nations through international trade and diplomacy.

"Just last year alone, the state of Georgia's trade with the EU climbed over 14% from 2020, representing an almost $33 billion impact," said Lt. Governor Duncan. "Georgia's emergence as a key economic player on the global level results from our leaders promoting sound policy and facilitating productive conversations. I commend EU leaders for prioritizing today’s visit and look forward to continuing our efforts to keep Georgia on the minds of international leaders.”

EU Representatives were also joined by Atlanta-based Consuls Generals of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and Greece. Lt. Governor Duncan was honored to welcome the group to the Capitol for a productive meeting followed by a ceremonial photo.


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