ATLANTA (March 16, 2022) | Yesterday, the Georgia House of Representatives unanimously passed Lt. Governor Duncan’s “Fostering Success Act,” which enhances follow-up services for aged-out foster youth through a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit. With an annual cap of $20 million, funds generated through the program will directly support critical areas of assistance, such as education, housing, counseling, medical and transportation services.

“I applaud the House for unanimously passing this critical priority – making Georgia the number one state for foster youth,” said Lt. Governor Duncan. “This dollar-for-dollar state tax credit is a significant step toward achieving that recognition by ensuring youth who have recently aged out of the system have the necessary support system to transition into adulthood.”

Initially clearing the Senate unanimously as Senate Bill (SB) 370, the “Fostering Success Act” was embraced in the House as House Bill (HB) 424. The Senate will take up HB 424 within the coming weeks and it is anticipated to receive overwhelming support once again.

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