ATLANTA (August 14, 2020) – Today, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan announced the appointment of the Senate COAM Study Committee. The study committee is tasked with examining industry regulations promulgated by the Georgia Lottery and was established pursuant to SR 1024 – adopted during the 2020 legislative session.

“This committee was specifically appointed to review the current regulatory scheme of bona fide coin operated amusement machines (“COAM”) – enforced by the Georgia Lottery,” said Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. “This committee will take a comprehensive look at the COAM Industry to ensure that we protect legitimate businesses, while providing guidelines for the Georgia Lottery to oversee this industry and ensure compliance with the law.”   

The Senate COAM Study Committee will be chaired by Senator John F. Kennedy (R – Macon). The committee is comprised of Senate members and citizen appointees. The following individuals were appointed to serve on this committee:

Senator Brandon Beach (R – Alpharetta)

Senator Brian Strickland (R – McDonough)

Senator Larry Walker (R – Perry)

Senator Ed Harbison (D – Columbus)

Gretchen Corbin, Georgia Lottery Corp, President and CEO

Jamie Boyden, Lucky Bucks, Executive Vice President

John Douglas, COAM Master License Holder

Dhaval “Bunty” Doshi, United Gaming, CEO

Nick Damani, Ultra, President and Chairman

Chuck Brooks, Ex-Officio, Director of Business Dev.,Epic Amusement


Contact Director of Legislative Affairs

Macy McFall