ATLANTA (February 24, 2020) | Today, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan praised the Senate’s passage of the Surprise Billing Consumer Protection Act (SB 359).

Senate Bill 359, sponsored by Senator Chuck Hufstetler, addresses the problem of surprise billing when consumers inadvertently receive out-of-network services at an in-network facility. Additional costs as a result of emergency and non-emergency healthcare services further exacerbate the problem of surprise billing. This legislation protects patients from surprise bills by limiting financial liability to in-network cost sharing provisions and shifts legal disputes to providers and insurers.

“Healthcare costs are often the largest budget expenditure for most middle class families and for too long patients have suffered financially when, in search of healthcare services, they end up surprised by a bill from an out-of-network provider,” said Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. “I’m proud to support the Surprise Billing Consumer Protection Act, and will work tirelessly on behalf of all Georgians to make sure this piece of legislation is signed into law. Chairman Hufstetler has diligently worked on this issue year after year. Working together, we can all look forward to the day where Georgians have no surprises when it comes to healthcare.”

Millions of Americans are impacted by surprise billing, which is why protecting Georgians from this issue is a top priority for this year’s legislative session. SB 359 is a monumental step towards reducing costs for consumers and protecting Georgians from the aftermath of billing disputes.

SB 359 passed the Senate unanimously (54-0) and will now move to the House for further consideration.


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