ATLANTA (February 20, 2020) | Today, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan expressed his support for Senate Bill 345, also known as the Save Our Sandwiches, or “S.O.S Bill.”

“The Save Our Sandwiches Bill provides a path forward for the important work done by community organizations that provide vital assistance to fellow Georgians across the state,” said Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. “I am proud of Senator Kay Kirkpatrick for introducing a bill that allows charitable organizations to do the work that is fundamental to our society.” 

This bill allows charitable, faith, and other nonprofit organizations to continue serving their communities through food donation programs. The S.O.S. bill gives these organizations clarity as to food safety standards while ensuring that regulations applying to larger commercial for-profit establishments are applied as they were originally intended. With this legislation, organizations such as MUST ministries in Cobb County can continue serving sandwiches to children as they have done for nearly 25 years across the metro-Atlanta region.

Senator Kay Kirkpatrick, the bill’s sponsor, presented the bill on the Senate floor where the bill received unanimous approval by the Senate (53-0). The S.O.S bill is supported by both the Department of Public Health and the Department of Agriculture.


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