Cagle Appoints Senate Study Committee on Dyslexia

June 29, 2018

ATLANTA, GA – Today, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle announced appointments to the Senate study committee on Dyslexia. This study committee, created by SR 761 and sponsored by Senator Fran Millar, will work throughout the year to study community-based solutions to better identify and meet the needs of Georgia's dyslexic students.

“Our schools must do more to address the challenges of dyslexia, which affects the academic progress of twenty percent of Georgia students,” said Lt. Governor Cagle. 

“Evidence shows if we can identify and address dyslexia at an early age - before students reach the 3rd grade - we can significantly improve reading comprehension and overall academic outcomes. Unfortunately, on average, only 1 in 10 dyslexic students are identified by standard screenings. All of these individuals undoubtedly have the aptitude and skills to succeed, but we have to do more to identify and aid these struggling students who would otherwise excel. I’m confident Chairman Millar and the members of this Study Committee will bring forward strong recommendations to ensure that all Georgia students, regardless of their zip code, have the resources and tools to succeed in the classroom.” 

Lt. Governor Cagle has appointed the following Senators to the Senate Study Committee on Dyslexia: Chairman Fran Millar, Matt Brass, and Gloria Butler.

“Dyslexia affects 1 in 5 Georgians – more students than any other learning disability, which is why our state is taking the necessary steps to ensure early intervention and awareness,” said Chairman Fran Millar. “Lt. Governor Cagle understands that addressing dyslexia is a vitally important quality of life issue. This study committee will be another step in furthering the Senate’s leadership in making sure that all of Georgia’s students are empowered to succeed. I’m looking forward to working with Lt. Governor Cagle in leading this effort on behalf of so many parents, students, and advocates across our state.”

"I’m proud to support the efforts of Lt. Governor Cagle, Senator Millar, and the members of this study committee, who have been charged with ensuring that none of Georgia's students fall behind because their schools aren’t adequately prepared to address the challenges of dyslexia,” said Colleen O’Toole-Beguiristain, State Leader for Decoding Dyslexia Georgia. 

"Learning differences present obstacles for students and educators alike, but these obstacles can be overcome with an education system dedicated to early identification and appropriate interventions. If we equip our teachers with the appropriate knowledge, academic outcomes will improve for all students. I look forward to working with the members of this committee to advance evidence-based interventions that will help countless students.”


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