Lt. Governor Cagle Announces May Student Spotlight: Peyton Lowery

May 17, 2018

Today, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle recognized Peyton Lowery, an early childhood pathway student at Athens Community Career Academy, as the Lt. Governor’s May student spotlight. Each month, Lt. Governor Cagle features an exceptional Georgia College and Career Academy Student who exemplifies academic and pathway success, extracurricular involvement, and strong leadership skills.

“Peyton has continuously demonstrated an excellent work ethic and admirable passion for helping others in her community,” said Lt. Governor Cagle. “She has truly embraced the opportunities offered to her, taking full advantage of the resources available at the Athens Community Career Academy. By going the extra mile, Peyton has turned her traditional high school experience into a fast track to achieving professional success. I’m proud of her tremendous accomplishments and look forward to seeing her bright future and the many contributions she will make to the Athens community and the State of Georgia.”

“It’s inspiring to see students like Peyton who are truly motivated to make a difference in our community, seeking to add value everywhere they go. I’m proud to have supported Lt. Governor Cagle’s vision to create College and Career Academies across our state, creating unparalleled opportunities for Georgia’s students to achieve career success. Peyton should be commended for her strong record of achievement – and I’m glad she will continue to contribute to the Athens community and our state as a student at the University of Georgia,” said Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert. 

“Peyton Lowery is a very special student. She is a very considerate and hardworking young lady, with a strong desire for success and achievement. She has demonstrated tremendous work ethic, and a genuine care for herself, her family, and her community. Peyton will be successful, not only because of her proven leadership track record, but also because she refuses to accept a lesser standard for herself and is always persevering to help her surrounding community,” said Lawrence Harris, CEO of Athens Community Career Academy.

Full name: Peyton Elizabeth Lowery

College and Career Academy: Athens Community Career Academy

Tell us about yourself:

“My name is Peyton Lowery and I’m a senior at Clarke Central High School, graduating in May. I also attend the Athens Community Career Academy, which I enrolled in for half school days during my junior year and full school days during my senior year. During the spring semester of this year, I served as an intern at Primrose School of Athens. I have been very involved in my school’s chapter of National Honor Society and the Mu Alpha Theta Math Club. Outside of school, I served as the Community Service Outreach Coordinator for the Sigma Alpha Pi Junior Sorority.

However, my biggest passion is helping those less fortunate than myself by volunteering in my local and global communities. I have put in thousands of community service hours here in Athens, as well as around the world. I have been on four mission trips to Tanzania, where I love helping at the Village of Hope Orphanage and teaching children in the villages and the churches we visit.”

Why did you choose to be a part of your CCA?

“I chose to take courses at the Athens Community Career Academy because I wanted to earn college credits while still enrolled in high school. During my freshman and sophomore years, I took AP classes at my high school. I would perform wonderfully in the class, but when I took the high-stakes AP exam, I never felt that my scores reflected my understanding of the material.

When I came to the Career Academy I was still able to maintain high grades in every college class, but I also earned college credit for each of the classes I took. The Career Academy allowed me to earn 34 credit hours while still in high school, which I never would have been able to achieve if I only took traditional high school courses. These credit hours will give me the opportunity to enter college as a second-year student and receive my Master’s Degree in just four years rather than five or six. Plus, this saved my parents the cost of tuition and books since all the expenses were paid for by the Career Academy.”

Which career pathway are you enrolled in and why?

“I am enrolled in the Early Childhood Pathway because I’m passionate about working with children and would like to become a teacher one day. I wanted to learn about how children grow, develop, and learn during the various stages throughout their lives. I completed the three courses in the pathway, so I will be earning my TCC in Early Childhood upon graduating high school. This will allow me to be the Lead Teacher in any daycare classroom.”

What is the most valuable learning experience you have gained from your CCA?

“The most valuable learning experience I have gained from the Career Academy is how to manage my time. Being on a college schedule while still in high school slowly introduced me to what college is like. I had to learn that required reading and other assignments completed outside of the classroom would not be accepted late and rarely would be covered in class. I adjusted to having class two or three times each week, rather than every day. I also had to learn how to manage my free time, learning to take advantage of extra time to study and pursue additional opportunities.”

What services/resources at your CCA have you found to be the most valuable?

“The most valuable resource at the Athens Community Career Academy is by far the hard-working, dedicated staff. Every professor I had was intent on helping each student grow academically. I had many professors who went above and beyond by offering extra tutoring, one-on-one help, and anything else that the students needed. The professors held us accountable as college students, but also understood that we were still in high school and helped us adapt to the role of college students.

Without the amazing professors and staff at the Career Academy, I would not be where I am today. The Career Academy administrative staff was always helpful when I had questions that were outside of the classroom, helping me bridge the gap between what was happening at my high school and at the Career Academy. I am proud to say that I am a high school senior with 34 college credit hours, a TCC in Early Childhood Education, a TCC in Early College Essentials, a 4.38 GPA, and a straight A record for my four years in high school, including all of my college level classes.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“After I graduate, I plan to attend the University of Georgia and major in Early Childhood Education. Since I have taken numerous college classes at the Career Academy, I will begin as a second year student. I plan to earn my Masters in Early Childhood Education in four years, and plan to teach Pre-K or Kindergarten in a low-income school district.”

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