CAGLE: Georgians Deserve Safe, Secure Access to Treatment

March 8, 2018

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle joined Senators Matt Brass, Ben Watson, and Renee Unterman, along with others, to introduce SR 983, which will create the Low THC Medical Access Commission. This commission is charged with recommending safe and legal avenues for qualified Georgia patients to access low THC medical cannabis oil.

In 2016, the State of Georgia legalized the use of low THC medical cannabis oil to aid patients struggling with severe medical conditions. Importantly, this first-ever joint commission will provide recommendations to develop a secure system for patients and their families to safely access medication.

“Georgians understand that many families depend on medical cannabis oil to treat otherwise debilitating illnesses,” said Cagle. “We are taking a major step to ensure that our state is doing everything possible to provide patients with the most effective treatments through a safe, reliable, and accessible system. Going forward, I call on our federal leaders to step up and support our efforts by clarifying the law to ensure that no family is denied medication that could drastically improve their lives.”

“This is a life-changing issue for many Georgia families and those families have the ability to possess medical cannabis oil but no way to legally obtain it. The sole purpose of this Commission is to examine best practices from around the country for providing safe, legal access for these critical treatments,” said Senator Matt Brass. 

“This legislation is a vital step forward in providing thousands of Georgians with secure and medically sound access to low THC cannabis oil. As a physician, I’m confident that our actions will have a positive impact on countless children and families across our state,” said Senator Ben Watson.

“By fighting to ensure that this medication is available for our patients, we are eliminating barriers to health care and providing Georgia’s patients with easier access to the treatments they need,” added Senator Renee Unterman, Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee.
SR 983 will immediately be considered by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

Danny Kanso
(404) 656-5030