Cagle Advances Georgia Youth Outdoors to Encourage Georgia's Next Generation to Hunt and Fish

February 13, 2018

Today, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle led the Georgia Senate to unanimously pass the Georgia Youth Outdoors Passport Act (SB 332), a new program designed to put Georgia’s young outdoorsmen and women on a pathway toward lifelong participation with nature.

"Georgia's deep-rooted tradition of hunting, fishing, and preserving our abundant resources is part of what defines our state," said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. "Our Youth Outdoors Passport will drive Georgia's youth into the outdoors and guide the next generation with experienced mentors. I appreciate the strong support of some of Georgia's most well-known Sportsmen and organizations, including: David Blanton, Tyler Jordan, Michael Lee, Jay Striker, Travis Turner, Michael Waddell, O'Neill Williams, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation."

The Youth Outdoors Passport Act, sponsored by Senator Tyler Harper, creates an Outdoor Passport License Program which enables young Georgians to hunt and fish at a reduced cost for the first year of the program, and offers first-time hunting licenses for a discounted price. The Act also creates an outdoor mentor training program at the Department of Natural Resources to provide one-on-one training in safety and best-practices to Georgia’s new sportsmen.

“The Lt. Governor understands that many of Georgia’s youth no longer experience the joy of sportsmanship or the thrill of putting food on the table,” said Senator Tyler Harper, Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee. “This legislation is particularly exciting because it ensures that any individual can participate in Georgia’s outdoor sports, with more ease and at a far lower cost. I am thrilled that more young people will be able to learn more about the sports of hunting and fishing, and am hopeful that through this program, we will create a new generation with a deep respect and appreciation for the Georgia’s natural habitat.

“We applaud Lt. Governor Cagle and Chairman Harper on their efforts to remove some of the barriers associated with getting new hunters afield,” said Trevor W. Santos, Director of Government Relations – State Affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation and resident of Oconee County. “We strongly support Senate Bill 332 as a way to ensure our hunting heritage is passed on to the next generation of sportsmen and women.”

SB 332 has attracted widespread support from Georgia's robust outdoor community and now moves to the House of Representatives for action.

Danny Kanso
(404) 656-5030