CAGLE: Georgia’s Charter Systems Continue to Outperform Traditional School Districts

January 31, 2018

Atlanta, GA, January 31, 2018 – As recently reported by the Department of Education in the Annual Charter System Report, Georgia students enrolled in Charter Systems are accomplishing record high levels of academic performance.

Exceeding the state averages in the College and Career Ready Performance Index for the third year in a row, Georgia’s established Charter Systems continue to boast higher achievement gains statewide. With graduation rates reaching 98%, our Charter Systems are redefining the traditional classroom experience by implementing individualized learning plans and building stronger partnerships with parents and communities.

In 2007, Lt. Governor Cagle introduced the concept of Charter Systems - entire school districts with the freedom and flexibility to establish a system of choice and individualized education for students and families. Today, more than 30% of Georgia’s students are enrolled in 43 Charter Systems across our state, where school districts are free from burdensome state mandates and communities are able to define their own educational system.

“Charter Systems are at the forefront of educational innovation, ensuring every student has individualized opportunities to achieve academic and professional success,” said Lt. Governor Cagle. “Every day, Georgia’s Charter Systems are proving that local control is the best path to increasing graduation rates, improving student achievement, and transforming our schools to make certain students can reach their full potential.”

By utilizing the flexibility of their charter status, Charter Systems continue to develop through the use of virtual learning and innovative scheduling. Using the community as a classroom model, students are encouraged to step outside and engage in rigorous educational leadership. Focusing on the concept of lifelong learning, Charter Systems offer opportunities for students to apply learned skills in real world environments. Charter Systems have drastically improved student academic success by promoting meaningful industry, civic organization, and post-secondary education partnerships.

Lt. Governor Cagle has been steadfast in his commitment to growing Charter Systems statewide, giving more students access to these hubs of educational innovation where achievement is always given priority over compliance. Communities, principals, and teachers know what is best for students. Lt. Governor Cagle will continue to break down the compliance mentality of our state’s educational bureaucracy and eliminate burdensome mandates, which hold students back academically and force educators to teach to the test. This approach will expand flexibility for local schools to innovate under the mandate-free governance structure created by Charter Systems.

The full Annual Charter System Report from the Department of Education is available here