Cagle Encouraged by Senate Committee’s Action on Adoption: Senate Leadership Urges Swift Floor Action

January 10, 2018

The Senate Judiciary Committee acted on the third day of the legislative session to move forward with HB 159 - a comprehensive adoption reform bill. Senate leaders expressed strong support for early action on the measure.

“We should do everything possible to encourage Georgia families who want to step forward and meet this need with every opportunity to provide safe and loving homes for our kids. This comprehensive measure is one of my top priorities because of the positive impact it will have on countless lives. I commend the House and all involved in advancing this important matter and look forward to it becoming a reality,” said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

The underlying bill reforms state law to enable more families to create loving homes for kids through adoption. The Senate additions strengthen HB 159, simplifying adoption procedures and better addressing the challenges faced during what has become an almost unattainable undertaking. The Senate amendments also include a range of reforms designed to increase the likelihood of temporarily placing children with relatives and other loving families. 

Importantly, this bill now gives families and communities the ability to step up and provide short term or permanent care for the children who need their love and support. This family first approach expands the rights of Georgians to adopt and provide loving homes, yet safeguards against anyone who may try to exploit the system - not acting in the best interest of our children. 

“The State of Georgia does a great job of recruiting parents who are willing to serve the many kids across our state who are sadly without loving homes. However, today the simple reality is that we lack the necessary resources to fully address this need. Relatives and communities familiar to each child will often represent a much better solution than turning them over into the state’s custody. We all share in our responsibility to provide greater opportunity for Georgia’s children and families - and this legislation marks a significant step forward for the State of Georgia,” Cagle continued.

The Senate anticipates a floor vote on the measure as soon as next week.