Lt. Governor Cagle Announces January Student Spotlight - Mark Moran

January 10, 2018

Today, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle recognized Mark Moran, a student at Floyd County College and Career Academy, as January’s Student Spotlight. Each month, Lt. Governor Cagle features an exceptional Georgia College and Career Academy student who exemplifies academic and pathway success, extracurricular involvement, and strong leadership skills.

“Mark Moran is applying the valuable experience he has gained at Floyd County College and Career Academy to mentor his fellow students and make a positive difference in his community,” said Lt. Governor Cagle “His motivation and work ethic make him a model for others to learn from, and I am confident he will enjoy great career success in engineering and mechanics.”

“Mark has demonstrated tremendous work ethic, aptitude and ability to work collaboratively with fellow students and teachers. He has also shown unparalleled leadership qualities in all endeavors in the classroom, community and his work-based learning internship,” added Eric Waters, CEO of Floyd County College and Career Academy

Tell us about yourself:

“My name is Mark Moran, and I am a senior at Model High School, an online student of Shorter University, and a grateful attendee of Floyd County College and Career Academy (FCSCCA). I live everyday with the goal of improving upon the person I was yesterday, and my College and Career academy has helped me determine my goals for the future. Upon joining the Robotics & Engineering program at the FCSCCA, I found a passion for every discipline of engineering the program taught me about. I have learned how to use and repair motor control circuits, programmable logic controllers, and multiple robotic machines. At the FCSCCA, I am receiving college credit from Georgia Northwestern Technical College.

This year, I was fortunate enough to earn an internship with the help of Mr. Wright Edge, the FCSCCA’s work-based learning coordinator, at Oglethorpe Power Rocky Mountain hydroelectric plant. At Oglethorpe Power, I have gained valuable skills in controls, electrical, and mechanical work. Through these experiences, I have confirmed my interest in pursuing a career in engineering to solve the world’s problems.”

Why did you choose to enroll at your CCA?

“I chose to attend FCSCCA because it provides both wonderful internal and external opportunities, as well as a head start for a career in engineering. Following a dynamic tour of this school as a sophomore, I learned that the engineering pathway instructors, Greg Smith and Bill Scoggin, are highly skilled and knowledgeable in industrial and theoretical applications. I knew their experience would be perfect for learning about engineering. The course variety also caught my eye as I have the opportunity to take AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics all in one school year because of the Career Academy.”

Which career pathway are you enrolled in and why?

“Being a dedicated STEM nerd, I chose to join the Robotics and Engineering pathway to fulfill my interests as well as my passion for mechanics. Prior to my tour of the Career Academy, I had a passion for cars and this program related closely to my interests. Furthermore, as I entered the class, I noticed that the pathway offered many opportunities for collaboration with many other academic disciplines. I know that collaboration is key to success in the real world, confirming my decision to join this program.”

What is the most valuable learning experience you have gained from your CCA?

“Throughout my junior year, my engineering instructor Mr. Greg Smith always emphasized the idea that each student gets as much out of a lesson as they put into it. He taught me to make efforts every day to learn as much as I could. I can easily say that this is the most important and influential thing I have ever learned in school. Without this mentality, core subjects are essentially useless.”

What services/resources at your CCA have you found to be the most valuable?

“The resources at FCSCCA are plentiful, but what is most noteworthy are the people. First, I am very lucky to learn A.P. Computer Programming because of the mastermind, Dr. Swanagan. I am fortunate and honored to be in his class. I have learned a tremendous amount from him that will certainly enhance my future success in college. My instructors are extremely involved and engaging, and all have vast knowledge on the material they teach. The school’s work-based learning coordinator has made my internship with Oglethorpe Power possible, and my principal, Eric Waters, has given me opportunities to represent FCSCCA in board and business meetings across the state. I was nominated for the Lieutenant Governor’s Student Leadership Award and Student of the Year at my career academy.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“Currently, I have submitted applications in at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as the Georgia Institute of Technology in hopes of receiving an acceptance letter. I plan on pursuing a degree in mechanical or electrical engineering, and then continuing on to study nuclear sciences. I have many goals, a few of which are to advance the world’s compatibility with nuclear fusion, build the Iron Man suit, and contribute to the conversion and advancement of quantum computing. I am eternally thankful to the FCSCCA, Oglethorpe Power, and God for helping me find my passion and for providing me the opportunities to pursue my dreams and goals.”

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