Calhoun City Schools Named Georgia Charter System of the Year

June 29, 2016

(ATLANTA)- Today, Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle hosted the 2nd Annual Charter System Foundation Awards Luncheon, highlighting the numerous achievements of Georgia Charter Systems. Calhoun City Schools received the Charter System of the Year Award and was awarded a $10,000 grant by the Georgia Association of Realtors to further enhance their reforms.

“Calhoun City Schools are at the forefront of educational innovation and flexibility, embracing new education delivery models to ensure that every student has access to opportunity and success,” said Lt. Gov. Cagle. “They embrace the individuality of each student and enrich the educational process by encouraging them to follow their passion while pursuing career paths that are both intellectually stimulating and professionally rewarding. Calhoun City Schools truly embody the future of education in Georgia.”

The Charter System of the Year Award recognizes a system that has demonstrated excellence in leadership, governance, partnerships and achievement. Calhoun City Schools plays an instrumental role in the charter system community by mentoring other charter systems while encouraging their own teachers, parents, and community members to actively participate in school level governance. They promote meaningful partnerships with business, civic organizations, and institutions of higher education and have drastically improved academic achievement and student success.

Calhoun City Schools utilizes the flexibility of its charter status to redefine the classroom where space and time constraints no longer inhibit students' learning environments. The new classroom continues to develop through the use of innovative scheduling, flexible calendars, and virtual learning. Using the community as a classroom model, students are encouraged to step outside and engage in meaningful, rigorous education and community leadership that focuses on the concept of lifelong learning while preparing students for college and careers. Such extended classroom settings allow students to practice and apply learned skills in real world environments and situations.

Calhoun City Schools boasts a 95% graduation rate and, along with every other state approved Charter System, outperforms its traditional public school counterpart in every academic milestone. Of Georgia’s 180 school systems, 40 have been approved as Charter Systems by the State Board of Education.

Georgia Charter Systems have proven effective in addressing the specific and unique needs of individual school systems, embarking on new relationships between each board of education and their communities. Lt. Gov. Cagle has been steadfast in his commitment to embracing new education models where the school becomes an epicenter for community involvement, leading to greater levels of student achievement by increasing pathways to career success.

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