Lt. Gov. Cagle Announces Senate and Joint Study Committee Appointments

June 21, 2016

Last week, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle announced several Senate and Joint Study Committee appointments. These study committees, created with the passage of both Senate and House Resolutions during the 2016 Legislative Session, will examine and analyze a host of issues affecting Georgia citizens. The findings will be submitted to Lt. Gov. Cagle and will be essential in advising the legislature in crafting legislation to address the various topics covered in both Senate and Joint Study Committees.

“With the General Assembly adjourned, the interim provides an opportunity for legislators to delve into the numerous issues facing Georgians,” said Lt. Gov. Cagle. “These study committee chairs and members are uniquely qualified to develop real, lasting solutions aimed at building a better Georgia now and for future generations. I look forward to evaluating the findings of these committees as we look ahead to next session and beyond.”

Additional appointments to Senate Study Committees will be made in the coming weeks. Lt. Gov. Cagle has made the following appointment for 2016 Senate and Joint Study Committees:

Senate Study Committee on the Legislative Process (Senate Resolution 842)

Senator Jeff Mullis, Chair

Senator David Shafer

Senator Bill Cowsert

Senator Steve Henson

Senator John Wilkinson

Senator Renee Unterman

Senator Elena Parent

Joint High-Speed Broadband Communications Access for all Georgians Study Committee (Senate Resolution 876)

Senator Steve Gooch, Co-Chair

Senator Rick Jeffares

Senator Tyler Harper

Senator John Wilkinson

Senator David Lucas

Joint Study Committee on Incentives for Financial Technologies and the Payment Processing Study Committee (Senate Resolution 883)

Senator Brandon Beach, Co-Chair

Senator Burt Jones, Banking and Financial Institutions Committee Chairman

Senator John Albers, Senate Member with Expertise in Financial Technology

Chris Carr, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development

Dawiet Zamadie, Director of Information Services, Georgia Department of Economic Development

Senate Surprise Billing Practices Study Committee (Senate Resolution 974)

Senator Renee Unterman, Chair

Senator Dean Burke

Senator Ben Watson

Senator Chuck Hufstetler

Senate Study Committee on Higher Education Affordability (Senate Resolution 1001)

Senator Fran Millar, Chair

Senator Donzella James, Vice Chair

Senator Jack Hill

Senator P.K. Martin

Senator Judson Hill

Senator Lindsey Tippins

Senator Charlie Bethel

Senator Elena Parent

Joint Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Study Committee (Senate Resolution 1038)

Senator Jeff Mullis, Co-Chair

Senator Butch Miller

Senator Rick Jeffares

Senator Frank Ginn

Senator Emanuel Jones

Senate Regional Transit Solutions Study Committee (Senate Resolution 1085)

Senator Steve Gooch, Chair

Senator Brandon Beach

Senator Lindsey Tippins

Senator Fran Millar

Senator P.K. Martin

Senator Nan Orrock

Senator Valencia Seay

Senate Study Committee on Venture Capital Investments (Senate Resolution 1132)

Senator Brandon Beach, Chair

Senator Judson Hill

Senator Elena Parent

Chris Carr, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development

Hala Moddelmog, President, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

Lynn Riley, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Revenue

Gardner Garrad, TTV Capital- General Partner from Georgia Based Venture Capital Fund

Jeff Muir, Fulcrum Equity Partners, General Partner in Georgia Based Private Equity Fund

Blake Patton, Advanced Technology Development Centers Representative

Sam Burch, General Counsel, University System of Georgia

Sean Banks, TTV Capital, Board Member-Technology Association of Georgia

For more information on the 2016 Study Committees, including the companion legislation outlining each committee, please visit: