Lt. Gov. Cagle Applauds Georgia Department of Education Action on Charter System Renewals and Approvals

April 11, 2016

(ATLANTA)- Last week, the Georgia Department of Education granted charter system renewals for Dawson and Morgan County School Districts while approving the creation of the Clarke and Dougherty County School District charters. This action will allow the school districts to implement and expand innovative education initiatives as they continue to institute changes proven to increase student achievement. Charter systems have been instrumental in advancing innovative polices to realize new educational opportunities all across Georgia. There are now 36 charter systems operating throughout the state.

“Our students deserve access to every resource that allows them pursue a career path that is intellectually stimulating, empowering them to gain employment in their desired field upon graduation,” said Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. “I want to congratulate Clarke, Morgan, Dougherty and Dawson County Schools for their unwavering commitment to increasing student achievement. This is an exciting development for all of the students, parents, staff and communities involved as they continue to foster an environment that nurtures educational opportunity and success.”

Charter systems have proven effective in addressing the specific and unique needs of individual school systems, embarking on new relationships between each board of education and their communities. Lt. Gov. Cagle has been steadfast in his commitment to embracing new education models where the school becomes an epicenter for community involvement, leading to greater levels of student achievement by increasing pathways to successful careers.

Information on School Districts

As a part of the charter renewal, Clarke County School District will expand communication outlets to further build parent and neighborhood partners in supporting learning and achievement, create personalized digital learning environments, develop and implement courses and programs of study to ready all students for college/careers and apply new classroom management practices that support students’ academic, emotional and social needs, among other enhancements.

Clarke County School District’s mission is to build a “partnership with families and the community…to inspire students to achieve at high academic levels through challenging and innovative learning opportunities that support the development of students’ individual talents.”

Morgan County School District will continue to award Innovative Mini-Grants to teachers/schools/system to improve student growth in identified areas of need and the success of grant activities will be measured with pre and post-assessments and targeted goals, design and use integrated courses which cover curriculum standards for multiple subject and Create opportunities for credit-earning internships and externships in Grades 9-12, among other enhancements.

Their mission is “is to ensure that all students will be successful in their learning and personal development through a system characterized by extensive community and parental involvement, quality resources, an exemplary staff, a safe and caring environment, and a challenging, personalized educational program encompassing advanced technology.”

With the board’s approval, Dawson County School District will award innovative grants to teachers to improve student achievement in math, science, and social studies at each individual school, implement Camp Invention, a STEM summer extended learning experience that allows students to explore science, technology and their own innate creativity, inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit and partner with post-secondary institutions in the surrounding community allowing students to benefit from specialized instructors, online course offerings, and dual enrollment, among other enhancements.

Dawson County strives “to be an exemplary school district, with outstanding staff, that prepares students to compete globally...providing quality instruction and student support in a nurturing environment that results in success for all.”

Dougherty County School District will now be able to increase organizational effectiveness by implementing an eight step change process with a large community business partner to create a training mechanism to manage organizational change, assess and align student support services to match students with external wrap around services that meet students’ social, physical and/or academic needs beyond the regular school day and create the Commodore Conyers College and Career Academy, among other enhancements.

They aim to “provide a safe, supportive, nurturing and cultivating environment where students can learn and achieve academically beyond all expectation...embracing the goal of assuring that every student views learning as a lifelong opportunity which will prepare them educationally for a global society.”