Cagle: Lt. Governor and Senators will be Furloughed

July 16, 2009

Cagle: Lt. Governor and Senators will be Furloughed

(Atlanta, GA) – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle today announced that he along with all state Senators will begin furloughs starting August 1.  The Lt. Governor and Senators will be furloughed for one day of their monthly pay period through the end of calendar year 2009. 

“With the Senate been forced to make difficult state budget cuts and place financial burdens on our hard-working state employees and their families, we realize that all of us are in this dismal economic situation together and no single person is immune from feeling the effects of continued revenue shortfalls,” said Lt. Gov. Cagle.  “As elected leaders we are called upon to lead by example for the greater good of our state and I am certain the commitment the Senate has shown to fiscally responsible policy will help lead us through these tough economic times to future growth and prosperity.”

Cagle said that the Senate will address whether such furloughs will continue for the remainder of the fiscal year at the beginning of the 2010 Legislative Session.  Members of the House of Representatives will also be taking monthly furloughs.

“The Speaker and I have consulted each other on legislative furloughs and are both committed to doing all we can to see our economy gets back on track,” added Cagle.



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