Cagle: Over 3 Million Homeowners Protected from Additional Property Taxes

February 17, 2009

Lt Governor Casey Cagle released the following statement regarding Governor Perdue signing H.B. 143 into law, which will preserve the Homeowners Tax Relief Grant this year. 

"During this tough economy, now is not the time for Georgians to decide between paying an additional tax bill or meeting the immediate needs of their families.  Over three million homeowners in Georgia can rest assured that they were protected from an additional property tax bill.  We have delivered on our promise to provide $428 million in tax relief by rolling up our sleeves and making the tough choices.   Our choice was based upon spending reductions and prioritizing the needs of taxpayers. We removed nearly $2 billion from the fiscal year ’09 budget.

“Today is also a testimony to the hard work and cooperation between Governor Perdue, the House and the Senate on this important issue.  I have appreciated working closely with Governor Perdue and Speaker Richardson and commend them on a job well done for the people of Georgia.

“By preserving HTRG, pursuing a reasonable property assessment cap and the Senate’s approval to double the homestead exemption, we have shown our strong commitment to provide tax relief to thousands of homeowners in Georgia.”