Cagle: Senate is Committed to Lower Property Taxes

February 2, 2009

Legislation Doubling Homestead Exemption a Strong Statement

Lt Governor Casey Cagle released the following statement regarding Senate Bill 83, which would double the homestead exemption for homeowners statewide. 

"The Senate has stood strong in our commitment to fight for lower property taxes and not increase the burden on homeowners during this tough economic time.  Our proposal to double the homestead exemption will provide necessary relief for homeowners across the state and is a step in the right direction.  President Pro-Tem Tommie Williams and Majority Leader Chip Rogers have displayed solid leadership on this issue and we look forward to moving this legislation forward."   

In addition to introducing legislation to double the homestead exemption, the Senate is also planning to consider a property tax assessment cap and legislation that would ensure the Homeowners Tax Relief Grant (HTRG) is fully funded this year.

S.B. 83 was dropped on Friday and will be referred to committee for consideration today.