Lt. Governor Cagle Appoints Hill to Finance and Rogers to Appropriations Committee

April 24, 2008

(Atlanta, GA) – Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle announced today the appointment of Senator Jack Hill as an ex-officio member of the Senate Finance Committee and Senator Chip Rogers as an ex-officio member of the Senate Appropriations Committee. 

“Appointing Senator Hill and Senator Rogers as ex-officio members of each others committee cements our ability to ensure we lower taxes and cut spending.  The Senate has voiced overwhelming support for making tax cuts permanent and real through spending reductions, and we will continue to move toward policy action that achieves both goals.

“Senator Hill has done a remarkable job managing the appropriations process and being committed to producing a fiscally conservative budget that delivers quality services to our state at a low cost.  He understands first-hand the importance of balancing revenue reductions with spending reductions and will be a valuable addition to the Finance Committee.

“Senator Rogers has shown relentless dedication and desire to eliminate wasteful spending and produce real tax cuts for our citizens.   He brings thoughtful consideration of every dollar spent and I truly appreciate his willingness to contribute to the budget process.   I am certain he will be a key asset to the committee,” said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

Senator Hill was first elected to the State Senate in 1990 and has served as the Appropriations Chairman since 2003.  Senator Rogers was first elected to the State House in 2002 before joining the Senate in 2004.  He has served as the Finance Chairman since 2007.