Lt. Governor Casey Cagle Touts Senate Passage of Healthcare Marketplace Legislation

March 6, 2008

(Atlanta, GA) – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle touted the passage of his Healthcare Marketplace legislation today, S.B. 404 by a vote of 42 to 12.

“This legislation is simply about providing solutions to uninsured Georgians by giving them access to healthcare coverage that will meet their needs at a price they can afford.   The marketplace will educate, inform and grant flexible options in purchasing affordable health insurance,” said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. “One of the most pressing issues I hear from citizens is the high cost of health care and I’m confident this legislation will provide some relief for the 1.7 million uninsured Georgians.”

The Georgia Health Marketplace (GHM) will put healthcare decisions into the hands of consumers through the creation of an online clearinghouse for healthcare products.  Additionally, a sophisticated marketing operation will encourage uninsured Georgians to obtain health insurance and educate them on the importance of being insured.  Multiple insurers, physician groups and state subsidized healthcare plans will be represented and will allow individuals and small business owners to easily access information, compare products, and purchase them from plans or agents.  This streamlined system coupled with newly offered products will produce exciting new choices and savings to all Georgians.  The Marketplace will not make any changes to current or existing group policies.

Cagle’s Healthcare Safety Net Clinic legislation passed the Senate earlier this session. Both bills are now in the House awaiting consideration.