Lt. Governor Casey Cagle: Our Future Depends on Our Ability to be Statesmen

January 15, 2008

(Atlanta, GA) – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle spoke at the Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Eggs and Issues Breakfast this morning highlighting several of his legislative priorities this session: the passage of a statewide water management plan, reorganizing the Department of Transportation, a common sense solution to the rising cost of healthcare and a first class educational path for all of Georgia’s students.

Cagle also focused on his role as a public servant and challenged all those involved in the political process to come together to solve the important issues before our state today.

Portions of his speech are below:

Our successes from the past year have certainly built up momentum going into this session.   Now it is up to us to maximize that momentum in a positive way.  And we can only do this by choosing a path of principled leadership over political expediency. 

In short, our future depends on our ability to be statesmen. 

The statesman is focused on the future.   He seeks to avoid conflict, rising above it to serve the greater interests of our citizens.  He says “I have a plan to make our lives better.  And I want you to follow me not because of my title or my power, but because our solution moves us in the right direction.”

The real statesman puts people first and ego last. 

The circumstances we face this year require focus and resolve.   The citizens of our state are looking for true leadership to address these important issues.  So we need to remember that our duty as public servants is to think and act bigger than ourselves. 

At the end of the day, Georgians want results and they don’t care who gets the credit.   They want good jobs and to be able to send their kids to good schools.  When they see infighting and divisiveness, it causes questioning about our motives and doubt about our ability to lead this state where it needs to go. 

Leadership – real principled leadership – is about moving forward.   It requires laying out a bold vision for our future and charting a course to get us there. It would be unacceptable to allow any individual or petty issue to distract us from finding real solutions to our most pressing problems. 

So I challenge us all to come together this year to chart a course that will ensure success for generations to come.   This is about doing all we can together to improve the lives of every citizen in this great state.   

A full copy of Cagle’s speech can be found on his website: