Lt. Governor Casey Cagle Statement Regarding Veto Overrides

January 14, 2008

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle released the following statement today regarding veto overrides transmitted by the House of Representatives:

“The Constitution clearly sets up the Senate as the deliberative chamber of the legislature, and we have an obligation to the voters who put their trust in us to act with care on all issues, but particularly constitutional matters.  The Rules Committee will fully examine these votes by the House and recommend a course of action to the Senate.

“At this time, no schedule has been set for a floor vote, although that is also a matter to which we will devote some attention.    The bottom line is that these bills have broad statutory and budgetary impact, and we need to fully weigh the perspectives of the Governor and the House prior to a floor vote,” said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

The Constitution provides that veto overrides originating in one house “shall be immediately considered” by the other house.  The Senate Rules set Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure as the authoritative source on procedural matters.  According to Mason’s, “consideration” in the context of an executive veto can include an immediate vote, or the matter may be “returned to committee or laid on the table.”