Cagle and Tolleson Place Bet for AAA High School Football State Playoffs

November 29, 2007

Today, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and State Senator Ross Tolleson placed a friendly wager that their hometown high school football team will win the Class AAA State Playoffs. Cagle is rooting for North Hall High School in Hall County while Tolleson is cheering on Perry High School in Houston County. North Hall and Perry High School are scheduled to meet in the quarterfinals tomorrow evening.

"While I applaud the hard work both the North Hall and Perry football teams have put forth this season, I am confident our team has what it takes to win. There is no doubt that my good friend Senator Tolleson has become accustomed to Perry High School's winning streak, but that is about to end tomorrow night. I look forward to seeing Senator Tolleson wearing a North Hall jersey - the Trojan green will look great on him," Cagle said.

"The Perry Panthers have had a great season and I certainly expect them to keep that momentum up on Friday night. I'm sure it will be an exciting game and the Lt. Governor will be calling me tomorrow night to congratulate us on yet another victory," Tolleson said.

The elected official representing the losing team will don the winning team's jersey for a photo-op. The winning team's principal, coach, key players and mascot will be invited to the state capitol for the photo-op with Lt. Governor Cagle and Senator Tolleson.