Cagle Statement on Grady Hospital Board Vote

November 27, 2007

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle released the following statement in response to the Grady Hospital Board vote last night.

“First and foremost, Grady Hospital is a critical component of our state’s health care system and it cannot and will not be allowed to fail.  More than anything else, we need to keep this fact in mind as we move forward.

“The board’s action yesterday represents a positive first step, although it also raises several problematic issues that will need to be resolved.   I am committed to resolving those issues, and will make working with the new board in order to do so a top priority.

“Going forward, we will focus on building private sector support for Grady, enhancing our statewide trauma network, providing any technical assistance the new board needs and strengthening the partnership between Grady and the teaching universities that provide much of its staff.   As the board identifies potential areas of savings, improves the hospital’s revenue stream and gets a realistic fix on the remaining cost gap, I am also supportive of considering additional state aid to close that gap.

“The bottom line is that a healthy Grady benefits our entire state, and preserving and enhancing the hospital represents a top priority for all of us.   I am committed to working steadfastly toward that goal, and commend the business, education, religious, and medical communities of Georgia for their involvement in this difficult task.”