Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House Discuss Initial Direction of Transportation Reform Package

September 25, 2007

(Atlanta, GA) – At a meeting of the joint House-Senate Transportation Study Committee today, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and House Speaker Glenn Richardson discussed the broad parameters of a transportation reform package the two plan to introduce in the next legislative session.   Following is the statement released by Richardson and Cagle at the meeting:

“We cannot afford to let the issue of improving transportation in the most heavily congested parts of our state become endangered by the political process during the next session, and we are moving now to work toward a process improvement package that we believe can pass both chambers of the legislature early in the session.  It is absolutely critical that even as we debate methods for funding transportation improvements, we also act to get the best possible value from every dollar we invest.

“There are far too many government agencies debating transportation plans instead of building roads.  Our goal is to streamline the bureaucracy, remove roadblocks to action, and expand our transportation infrastructure to meet our growing population.  The economic future of our entire state hangs in the balance, and the time for action is now.”

Some of the reform measures currently under consideration in the package include:

- Moving projects to completion more rapidly by limiting the ability of other state agencies to fine GDOT and slow work on projects.

- Improving accountability by requiring GDOT to publicly assign a unique project manager to every major construction project.

- Getting more bang for the buck, by establishing a Value Engineer within GDOT, and requiring all major projects be subjected to a value engineering review.

- Allowing the private sector to find savings by significantly increasing the use of design-build contracts within GDOT.

Additional elements will also be included in the final package.  More details are expected to be available later this fall, following the completion of a detailed audit of GDOT ordered by Cagle and Richardson.