Cagle: Study Underscores Need for Major Transportation Initiatives

September 18, 2007

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle released the following statement in response to the release of the new Texas Transportation Institute Study that ranked Atlanta as the 2nd worst traffic congested city behind Los Angles.

“For Atlanta to have the second most congested traffic in the country underscores the urgent need for major transportation initiatives.  While Georgia has a good roadway system, clearly traffic is an issue and business as usual is not getting the job done.  We can no longer stand by and watch as our state’s citizens and economy suffer because of congestion,” Lt. Governor Casey Cagle said.

According to the study, worsening congestion is reflected in several ways:

  • Trips take longer
  • Congestion affects more of the day
  • Congestion affects weekend travel and rural areas
  • Congestion affects more personal trips and freight shipments
  • Trip travel times increasingly are unreliable

The study and further information can be found at: