Cagle, Hill and Grant Joint Statement

April 12, 2007

(Atlanta, GA) – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and Senators Jack Hill and Johnny Grant released the following joint statement regarding mental healthcare:

“It is obvious that our mental healthcare patients deserve the very best treatment and care.  We strongly support a viable and long-term solution that will best serve our patients. 

“The legislative commission currently being proposed would consider all aspects of our state’s mental healthcare and through studying the system's entirety,  we will come to a clear solution. We are working closely with the Appropriations Committee and other Senators to bring this issue to the attention of the Senate and look forward to a solution,” said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, Senator Jack Hill and Senator Johnny Grant.

"I want to commend Senator Hill and Senator Grant for their hard work and leadership on this important issue and I stand behind them 100%,” Cagle added.