Lieutenant Governor Cagle Forms PeachCare Task Force

February 8, 2007

(Atlanta, GA) – Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle announced today the formation of a PeachCare Task Force.  Cagle convened the Task Force for the purpose of developing a short list of options for the full Senate to consider in order to save the PeachCare program over the long term.

 “Should the federal government fail to meet its obligation to protect PeachCare, it is up to the legislature and the Governor to work together to protect Georgia’s kids.  I commend Governor Perdue for his leadership in bringing PeachCare to the forefront of the debate in Washington, D.C., and relentlessly pursuing every viable option to sustain the program.

 “The goal of this task force is to work closely with the Department of Community Health to put some long-term reform options on the table for us to look at in the event the federal funding picture does not improve.  I am confident the PeachCare Task Force members will look at all available solutions and will offer solutions that allow PeachCare to serve many more of Georgia’s kids for years to come,” Cagle said.

 The PeachCare Task Force will consider options that protect the ability to continue insuring the maximum number of Georgia children, and ensure it is done in a way that is fiscally sound and requires users to shoulder some personal responsibility. The Task Force will submit their recommendations to the Senate two weeks from Thursday, February 8th.

 Task Force Members Include:

Senator Greg Goggans

Senator Mitch Seabaugh

Senator Horacena Tate

Senator Tommie Williams