October Student Spotlight


October Student Spotlight:  Alexander Spencer 


October Student Spotlight: Alexander Spencer

College and Career Academy: Rockdale Career Academy

“Alex is an extremely intelligent and driven young man. He is often ahead of the other students and his work is near perfect. He assists the other apprentices when needed but never lets his work falter. He is comfortable in the classroom or the shop environment and will be successful wherever he goes.

He could easily be on the traditional college track and do extremely well. However, the GA CATT experience has spoken to his entrepreneurial and pathfinder spirit. He has embraced the ability to make his own educational path with a career focus. “

- Ben McCumber, Rockdale Career Academy Program Development Coordinator/Assistant Principal

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

My name is Alexander Spencer and I’m currently attending Heritage High School, the Rockdale Career Academy as well as Georgia Piedmont Technical College. I attended a manufacturing class at my career academy during my freshman year where my teacher told me about this program and it sounded too good to be true. Now I am currently learning about DC circuits, and next will move onto AC circuits. I've never been able to see my future so clearly laid out in front of me.

Along with attending the technical college, I am also working for a well-known manufacturing company, Bosch, thanks to the GA CATT program. This gives me a very overwhelming schedule but I still manage to find the time for a few hobbies. I love electronics and currently have built computers for personal use as well as commercial. I've always wanted to fly and the closest I can get to that right now is with drones – I've built my own racing drone and am currently polishing my piloting skills.

 Why did you choose to be a part of your CCA?

I love learning, especially when I'm learning about something I love to do. Because of this, I've always been anxious to finish high school and go to college. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found out I didn’t have to wait. I've always loved innovation and hands-on learning and my CCA has all of this to offer. So, when I heard about the opportunity, I knew it was for me.

What is the most valuable learning experience you have gained from your CCA?

After spending less than a semester in the program so far, I have learned more than I ever thought I would. I know I have learned skills that will follow me for the rest of my life. However, I would say my most valuable learning experience would be how to be a better student as well as how to push myself to be a better person in general. College is no joke and I'm working hard to take advantage of the opportunity given to me.

What services/resources at your CCA have you found to be the most valuable?

At the technical college, we have two professors who are highly qualified in the fields they're teaching. Any problems or questions I have they are quick to answer and explain. They care about the students understanding the material and are patient with ones who don’t. As I write this, new labs, with brand new equipment are being set up to enhance our learning with hands-on projects similar to those we will be dealing with in the workplace.

What are your plans after graduation?

After I graduate, I would like to finish my associate’s degree from Georgia Piedmont Technical College and strive for a master's degree in computer-aided manufacturing. While I collect my degrees, I hope to continue to work for Bosch. Then in my spare time work to create a product to become an entrepreneur and start my own manufacturing company. I'm working hard now and taking advantage of the opportunities given to me to make these dreams a reality.