Lt. Governor Honors First Responders, Military In Perry

Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle Honors First Responders and Military in Perry, Georgia - September 11, 2012



By: Austin Lewis

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle honored local first responders, military, and law enforcement at a lunch at Perry's Rozar Park for their service in Georgia.

Cagle thanked these local heroes for their willingness to serve in jobs that he says are not always glamorous.

Some of these local heroes say that it's especially poignant to be recognized on September 11th because so many of those first responders went toward the towers to save lives.

"It's very thoughtful you know because in law enforcement emergency services, it's all family and we lost a large number of family on September 11th," said John Wagner of Warner Robins Police. " It's inspiring, most certainly it's emotional too, again we all have ties to these people that have passed whether it's the victims in the building to the law enforcement, firemen, and E.M.T.s."

But for many at the lunch, their minds were on where they were on September 11th, 2001.

"We were painting our trailer inside of the trailer floor and turned on the TV and said hey something happened, you need to turn on the TV, we were watching the news like everybody else and I was like "Oh My Gosh" and it was just awe," said John Bell, Senior Master Sergeant in U.S. Air Force.

"I was in Tifton Georgia, I was working in an apartment complex and we had a meeting down there at a conference. I was at a hotel room and a conference room when the news broke and we went down to watch the TV and spent all day watching it down there," said Darryl Kitchens, a firefighter with Warner Robins Police.