We must grow traditional industries like manufacturing, health care, and agribusiness. But we will also embrace the new economy of technology companies…while expanding our venture capital. And above all, unleashing a new wave of small business growth that is of a magnitude unlike anything we have ever seen.

– Casey Cagle, January 11, 2017

Georgia is the number one state in which to do business. Casey has worked diligently to advance policies that encourage economic growth so more Georgians can obtain high-quality jobs. To do this, he has helped to create a business-friendly climate, while investing in growing a workforce that is second to none by maximizing the potential of Georgia’s public schools. 

Free enterprise is the engine that grows our economy. As a small business owner and entrepreneur – Casey knows that to encourage lasting economic growth, we must ease the regulatory burdens on job creators. He is dedicated to fighting for jobs in Georgia and has promoted countless policies to reign in government overreach that slows down the drivers of our economy. 

All Georgians deserve to experience the dignity of work and the benefits of succeeding professionally. Casey is leading the charge to empower more people to achieve their full potential and put forward the individual initiative required to turn their ideas, skills, and experience into successful careers.        

Tax Reform

During the 2018 legislative session, Lt. Governor Cagle led the General Assembly to overwhelmingly approve the largest ever income tax cut for Georgia families and businesses, delivering a historic victory for our citizens.

This massive tax reform package will amount to more than $5.7 billion in tax relief over the next five years and includes an individual income tax cut that is more than $1 billion greater than the projected windfall from the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This is the first ever reduction of Georgia's individual income tax rate in state history, creating a better tomorrow for millions of Georgians across our state. 

Under the five-year plan, the top income tax rate for individuals and businesses will be reduced from 6 percent to 5.75 percent in FY2019, dropping to an all time low of 5.50 percent in FY2020. The standard deduction is doubled from $2,300 to $4,600 for individual filers and from $3,000 to $6,000 for married joint filers. 

The passage of this historic and sweeping income tax cut will allow Georgia families to have more take-home pay and greater opportunities, leading to brighter futures. 


Georgia Department of Economic Development

Georgia Research Alliance