Healthy School Spotlight


Elcan-King Elementary is committed to improving the culture of wellness for students and staff. Led by Principal, Jennifer Wilkinson and PE teacher, Kimberly Barthel, Elcan-King has been Nationally Recognized for their wellness efforts by The Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Elcan-King has worked to increase physical activity by incorporating technology into PE, increase recess time, and incorporate physical activity into the classroom on a daily basis. Smart learning devices were incorporated into PE which led to students being moderately to vigorously active daily, teachers use a variety of brain breaks to incorporate movement into the classroom, and recess time has been increased to 20 minutes per day. Elcan-King is also a Power Up for 30 school which means every morning begins with 15-20 minutes of physical activity in the cafeteria.

Some additional successes that Elcan-King has experienced include: Elcan-King consistently hosts taste testing’s for students to try new fruits or vegetables; Only snacks that meet USDA Smart Snack standards are used for fundraising efforts; Teachers no longer reward students with unhealthy treats; School or class celebrations include physical activity.

Not only is Elcan-King taking a hands-on approach to student wellness, they highly value the health and well-being of every staff member. Activities are planned and implemented to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle. After school workouts are led by PE teacher and Wellness Leader, Coach Kimberly Barthel. Physical activity is also incorporated before and during staff meetings to keep staff members active and engaged. An indoor walking trail is mapped out and teachers are encouraged to track their steps daily. What’s really great is that Elcan-King’s administrative staff provides fruit and vegetable trays during staff workshops and trainings.

How to Create a health fundraiser at your school:

Follow Ms. Kim’s tips to get started:

1 - Review the USDA’s guidance on Smart Snacks in School fundraisers.
2 - Empower your Parent Teacher Organization or School Wellness Council to come up with creative ideas to raise money while setting a healthy example. Check out the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s alternative fundraising ideas.
3 - Get the word out: Invite the community, heavily promote the event, and encourage your staff to get involved.

Healthy School Spotlight content provided by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.