Health Care

All Georgians should have access to affordable, high-quality health care. We will stay true to our core principles of fiscal responsibility and we will achieve true conservative health care reform.

– Casey Cagle, March 24, 2017

By preparing our state to lead the nation in health care innovation, Lt. Governor Cagle is advancing reforms that offer more choices for quality care at affordable prices. 

Making sure that all Georgians have access to quality health care is one of the Lt. Governor's top priorities, and there is no greater challenge facing consumers in our state than the future of rural health care. During the 2016, 2017, and 2018 legislative sessions, Casey led the effort to enact Rural Health Care 180 – a public-private partnership tasked with supporting struggling rural hospitals and developing sustainable financial models to preserve these community institutions.

For too long, the federal government has failed to promote common-sense measures that help individuals and families get access to the care they need. Casey is demanding change. To free our state from the one-size-fits-all policies of Obamacare, he is actively engaged in working with the national leaders and the Trump Administration.

Casey’s vision is for a sustainable health care system that enhances the quality of care and increases consumer choice to meet the needs of every Georgian – at prices we can all afford.

Health Care Reform Task Force

In 2017, Lt. Governor Cagle led the Senate to establish Georgia’s Health Care Reform Task Force to direct our state towards building a stronger health care system, combat the opioid crisis, and bring forward solutions to lower the costs of care, premiums, and dedictibles so that Georgia families have access to the quality care they need. 

By collaborating with stakeholders from across our state, the Lt. Governor is working to develop solutions that increase access to quality care, reduce costs, and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. That means leading Georgia’s health care system to operate under fiscally responsible budgets, modernizing our delivery models for care, and encouraging innovation and free market competition. Ultimately, Casey is committed to finding solutions that empower Georgians to access quality health care statewide. 

After hosting a series of meetings across our state - hearing presentations from experts and discussing solutions for the most pressing issues facing Georgians - in January 2018, the Task Force delivered its first set of core recommendations to improve the health and health care of Georgians. With these recommendations, the Task Force has developed a blueprint for the State of Georgia to increase the performance and sustainability of our health care system.

The full 2017 Report of Georgia's Health Care Reform Task Force can be found below. 

Health Care Reform

In March of 2018, Lt. Governor Cagle and Speaker David Ralston led the Georgia General Assembly to overwhelmingly approve landmark legislative initiatives that will boost statewide access to affordable, quality care and put the State of Georgia on a path to a patient-centered health system. This common-sense approach immediately prioritizes and deploys assistance to rural communities, enable our state to cut back needless bureaucracy, and modernize Georgia's health care system. 

By advancing reform through a strategic plan that is built for long-term success, with all of the state's partners at the table, this legislation will help lead the way to a better quality and higher functioning health care system. With the proposal of these locally-driven measures, our entire state - especially rural Georgia - is on a path to affording every family access to quality care that leads to healthier lives.