February College and Career Academy Student Spotlights.


"We’re seeing great success in our College and Career Academies. As Lt. Governor, I want to celebrate the academic achievements of students in our academies by highlighting a student enrolled in a College and Career Academy every month. For students, they find that the College and Career Academies’ challenging, hands-on programs provide greater relevancy and value in today’s workforce. This leads to higher graduation rates, immediate employment opportunities, and greater access to college. The specified student training is attractive to area businesses, and communities prosper from a highly-trained local workforce. For students, our mission is to promote academic excellence and prepare them for the 21st Century workforce."

-Lt. Governor Casey Cagle

NAME: Alanina Foo

CAREER ACADEMY: Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy (Coffee County)

My name is Alaina Foo.  My personal interests include fitness, photography, and nature-based activities like fishing, and hiking. 

I am currently 17 years old and I have been enrolled at the Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy for two years going strong. This seemingly small but advantageous academy is located in Douglas, GA. By obtaining my education through this non-traditional school, I have been able to excel at my own pace and challenge my academic abilities. Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy offers dual-enrollment, meaning that I am able to earn college credit as I earn my high school credits, all of it free of cost. I believe this opportunity has enabled me to become much more independent and responsible, therefore prepping me for the upcoming future of my college career.

My opportunity to join Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy first came about right after my 9th grade year. I was first very interested in the Career Academy because of the smaller class sizes and private learning experience, opposed to the fairly large high school. I soon learned that I was able to work on my own much faster than I would normally be able to in a traditional classroom. The small class sizes allowed me to focus and maintain progress without any external distractions from other students.

With the help of Pam Smith, the guidance counselor, and Andrea Fletcher, the Wiregrass Technical College high school coordinator, I was able to arrange my schedule so that I would be able to outdo all expectations. Through Wiregrass, I have been able to move almost one year ahead of my graduation date. I recommend this opportunity to any students looking to move ahead of themselves. Wiregrass offers many different courses, enabling students to jumpstart their college career. I have taken Healthcare Essentials, Anatomy, English 1101 and College Algebra all in a little over a year, while also earning all high school credits.

Overall, my learning experience as an associate (student) at Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy has been outstandingly beneficial to my future and myself as a young adult. I plan to graduate high school under the recently passed SB2 guidelines, and attend college at the University of Florida, pursuing a career in animal science. I had never thought that an educational opportunity like this would be available, but I am so grateful for the advantages it has given me. My success could not have been possible without the help of the Career Academy. Thanks to Scott Gillis, Pam Smith, Andrea Fletcher and all of the people who helped facilitate my educational journey. 

(Photo: Alanina Foo)


NAME: Kaimrhon Bonaventure

CAREER ACADEMY: Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy (Coffee County)

My name is Kaimrhon Bonaventure and I am a student at Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy in Douglas, Georgia.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar, singing and skateboarding.  My passion is tinkering with electrical equipment especially audio.  Since I have been attending Wiregrass Technical College, I have been able to expand my experience in electrical engineering.  I find it fascinating that electricity can keep everything going or stop everything.

I have been attending Wiregrass Technical College for almost two years.  As soon as I completed middle school, I decided to attend Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy which is a computer-based learning school.  I am currently taking dual enrollment classes which will better prepare me for life beyond high school graduation.  Being able to have a dual enrollment has given me insight to dreams that I did not think possible.  Taking on-line classes has afforded me the opportunity to go to school as well as work after school.  I really like being able to work at my own pace which is very unique.

My principal, Mr. Scott Gillis, introduced me to the dual enrollment program.  I was provided a chance to take engineering classes as well as continue with my high school curriculum.  He has been very supportive, providing whatever I need to be successful in my quest to a career that I thought was beyond my reach.  The teachers and staff have also been a tremendous influence motivating and pushing me to success.  I am where I am today because of their unrelenting support. 

Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy has a small enrollment which is one on the reasons I have been successful.  The faculty and staff are able to help students because the teacher/student ratio allows each student to get the assistance they need.  Your opportunities for success are endless.

After graduation, I plan to continue my education at Wiregrass Technical College, after which I plan to attend South Georgia State College, with my focus on audio and electrical engineering.  It is my deepest desire to become a certified electrical engineer.  Having this opportunity of dual enrollment presents me with everything I need to become a productive and thriving citizen.  Prior to attending Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy, I was unaware of such opportunities being available to students who are still in high school.  I am truly grateful for the experience and I am looking forward to graduation.

(Photo: Kaimrhon Bonaventure)