Lt. Governor Duncan is a father to three boys who attend public schools. As such, Geoff approaches education as a shareholder who is invested in enhancing our education system so that every student acquires the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the 21stcentury economy. 

Geoff understands that education outcomes are driven by early learning and literacy development during a student’s early years. As Lt. Governor, Geoff will focus on policies such as increasing Pre-K access statewide and ensuring childcare programs are quality rated to increase third grade reading rates.

Geoff and Brooke – as parents – have seen first-hand how access to high-quality learning opportunities and top teaching talent fuels success throughout a student’s educational career. Providing pay raises for Georgia’s hard-working educators is imperative to retaining high-performing educators, attracting top talent to the teaching profession, and ultimately taking our education system to the next level.

Enhancing education outcomes will also require a multifaceted approach that includes empowering parents with additional options, reducing and reforming standardized testing, removing bureaucracy from the classroom, increasing community involvement, and increasing economic opportunity so that less students face impoverished conditions that inhibit learning.