We must do everything possible to foster an environment of innovation in our public schools. No two students learn in the same way, and no two communities in Georgia have the same resources. Each school must have the freedom to implement new ideas and programs designed to better engage students and improve academic performance.

– Casey Cagle, Education Unleashed

Casey credits the education he received in Georgia’s public schools for his success. Raised by a single mom who fought to keep her family out of poverty, he was fortunate to have opportunities that allowed him to climb up the economic ladder and achieve success as an entrepreneur.

Public education will always be the great equalizer of our society. An education system that effectively provides a foundation for all students to be academically and professionally successful creates lasting economic growth. Casey’s vision to reform Georgia’s schools is founded upon the idea that the only way we will accomplish our mission is by encouraging each school to embrace local control to meet the challenges of individual students.

Charter Systems

In 2007, Casey introduced the concept of Charter Systems – entire school districts with total freedom and flexibility to establish a complete system of choice for students and families. Using accountability contracts designed at the local level, Charter Systems have proven it is possible to offer students new educational opportunities, allowing them to fully achieve their individual potential. Today, nearly 30% of Georgia’s students are enrolled in 43 Charter Systems across our state.

To learn more about Georgia's Charter Systems, visit the Georgia Charter Schools Association website here

College and Career Academies

As all students get older, one of the questions they can count on being asked is: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Today, too many of Georgia's students are graduating from high school and college without a plan for their future. Enabling students to continue onto a successful career after graduation will require our schools to provide them with meaningful opportunities to explore and apply their academic and professional interests at an earlier age.

Rising to meet this challenge, Casey established Georgia’s College and Career Academy Network to offer high school students access to accredited college-level courses and technical certification programs. College and Career Academies represent a community partnership between a local school system, a technical college or post-secondary institution, and business leaders represented on the academy’s governing board to fulfill the workforce development mission specific to each community. Today, more than 30,000 students are enrolled in Georgia’s 46 College and Career Academies. Plans are in place for more school systems to receive grants each year, making it possible for Georgia to achieve the goal set by Lt. Governor Cagle – so that by 2020, every single student in Georgia will have access to a College and Career Academy.

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Education Unleashed

In October of 2016, Casey released his first book, Education Unleashed, published by Mercer University Press. In Education Unleashed, he presents a bold blueprint for the future of our public schools. Beginning with the principle that no student should be left to fall through the cracks and that no ceilings should prevent individuals from advancing as far as their academic abilities will take them, Casey offers a roadmap that will allow Georgia’s schools to operate under true local control. In collaboration with leaders from across Georgia's communities, industries, and service organizations, Casey is working to reshape the paradigm in public education to demonstrate that it is possible for all our schools to graduate students with high-quality degrees that advance them both academically and professionally.