College and Career Academies


Since taking office in 2006, creating a better future for our children has been a primary focus of mine. I believe that we have to abandon the one-size-fits-all, 1960’s educational model and provide our students with a 21st century educational system to match and compete in the ever expanding 21st century global economy. I believe that our greatest asset is our students and their greatest possibilities lie within our educational system; which is why we created the Georgia College and Career Academy Project.

Over the past 8 years we have made great leaps in the Georgia College and Career Academy Project. We have held ribbon-cutting ceremonies for 34 new College and Career Academies as well as expanded the possibilities for all students by passing legislation to allow for improved dual enrollment programs and increase funding to all aspects of this initiative.

In such a short period of time we have seen amazing results. Student interest and enrollment far exceed expectations; students see the relevance in what they are learning, and graduation rates are excelling any preset expectations. Graduates are also going into college more prepared then ever because they have already demonstrated strength in college course work, and they are transitioning smoothly from the classroom into the workforce. Their reward is a well-paying job in their field of study and putting their education is to use.

These are all great indicators that College and Career Academies work. The possibilities are endless and this project has just begun.

Thank you for your interest and contribution to this important endeavor.



Casey Cagle
Lt. Governor of Georgia



What Are College and Career Academies? 

GeorgiaCCAN (College and Career Academy Network) is a network of schools that promote academic excellence and prepare students for the 21st century work force. 

The College and Career Academy model helps businesses partner with local high schools and technical colleges to allow students obtain a technical certificate upon graduation to begin employment with a local company.  These students receive specific training and develop specialized skills needed to pursue a career path catered to their individual skills set.  Many work towards post-secondary education while they’re still in high school, but most importantly – it prepares students to compete and excel in a 21st century workforce.

Georgia CCAN seeks to provide the leadership at the state level to ensure success at the local level.  Developed to provide quality education to students, college and career academies are designed to partner with local school systems, local businesses and industries, and local schools within Georgia’s technical college system or university system.  These partnerships enable the development and growth of high school and college-level programs that prepare students for in-demand jobs and success in higher education. 

Students find that the college and career academies’ challenging, hands-on programs provide greater relevancy and value in today’s workforce.  This leads to higher graduation rates, immediate employment opportunities, and greater access to college.  The specified student training is attractive to area businesses, and communities prosper from a highly-trained local workforce. 


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