Meet the May 2016 Face of Georgia Manufacturing- Martin Pleyer

May 19, 2016

‘I love the smell of a machine room.’

Born in Germany, Martin Pleyer was always good at working with his hands. After school, he would work on projects around the house and consistently received tools as birthday and holiday gifts.

As part of the school curriculum in Germany, every teenager is required to choose an apprenticeship program. While they are attending school they also work within companies, where they are trained in one of more than 340 occupational fields. Pleyer chose the manufacturing pathway and worked in a plant that produced shopping carts. “I know it’s odd, but I loved the smell of the machine room,” Pleyer said. “It just told me that something was being made there.”

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Martin will also help lead the Georgia Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (GA CATT) Program, the first of its kind in the United States. GA CATT was lauched earlier this month by Lt. Goveror Casey Cagle. Details Here: